Hi, my name’s Robby and I’m a Commodore Geek.

This opening sentence does sound like the introduction to a meeting of Geeks Anonymous and I can assure you, there’s more to me than meets the eye (well come to think of it, a lot more in different ways =) but let’s not get into that right now).

I’m married to the love of my life and father of the most beautiful daughters to ever grace our blue planet.
I’m a nuclear physicist (oooh, scary!) and run my own company “OriCon“, gathering the technology evangelists for the travel industry.
If you want to keep track of my professional adventures, head over to LinkedIn.

OK, that was the serious bit, now onto the reason  why I started this blog.  In my many travels on the net (get it, travels) I come accross great and not so great sites, see cool and not so cool technology, and I’ve now decided to share some of the stuff I find online with the rest of the world (that is of course, if the rest of the world start reading my blog)
I also want to show off my collection of Commodores (hey, I’m a Geek remember) and discuss diverse topics that range from technology, arts (yes, arts) over many other subjects to comedy.

I hope you enjoy your stay on the site, and visit back often.
You can also catch up with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and in a local gamestore in Antwerp (yes, one of my othere “geeky” hobbies is boardgames).

So say we all (ooh yes, did I mention SciFi as one of my other interest as well?)