My kind of “clock”

When I saw the first pictures of this “clock”, the first thought that came to mind was “I must have it” (OK, I don’t know the pricetag and it won’t be cheap either, but you’ll have to admit, it’s pretty cool).
So what kind of a clock am I talking about?
It’s a laser beam clock called Reflectius by the artist Artemy Lebedev.  It has sixty rotating mirrors that redirect a beam of light, simply to tell you the time (eat your heart out LHC!).
For now, Reflectius is only a concept.  But given Lebedev’s concept-to-product history, don’t be surprised if this goes on sale in the not-so-distant future… and yes, with it’s moderate dimensions (height 124 mm, width 260 mm, depth 76 mm) it would fit nicely onto my desk :)

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