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The “old” vs. the “new”

I recently came about this article on the FT, stating that European Telco’s were gearing up for a fight with the big “G” (that’s Google). Apparantly, the big Telco’s (such as Telefónica, S.A., France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom) are looking to get some sort of compensation from Google for the use of its bandwidth-consuming application […]


My kind of “clock”

When I saw the first pictures of this “clock”, the first thought that came to mind was “I must have it” (OK, I don’t know the pricetag and it won’t be cheap either, but you’ll have to admit, it’s pretty cool). So what kind of a clock am I talking about? It’s a laser beam […]


Press Play on Tape

Press Play on Tape… a sentence that is well known by everyone that once owned a Commodore 64 with the infamous cassette player, but do you know it’s also the name of a Danish rock band, exclusively playing tunes from the 80’s Commodore 64 on real instruments? They’ve played already some major venues (Danish Game Awards, the […]

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Smuggling images… the image fulgurator

The image fulgurator… sounds like a device from Star Trek, but it’s more down-to-earth… it’s a device created by Julius von Bismarck,  allowing him to physically manipulate photographs.  OK, doesn’t sound too exotic, but the cool part is that the device actually intervenes when a photo is being taken, by “smuggling” another image on the […]

A look into the future…

What will the future look like?  It’s a question that pops up from time to time and has analysts, futurist and other ‘ists’ guessing and thinking of what might be the next big evolution that will revolutionize the way we think, feel and interact.  Most of the time, when that future becomes reality, we see […]

Hello world!

A fitting opening post, to my new blog :) I’ve been playing with the idea for several months now, to start my own blog.  The problem was, what shall I write about?  We’ve got plenty of Web 2.0, technology, geeky, personal etc. etc. blogs around, so how can I make my blog be a bit more […]