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Theo Jansen’s mechanical creatures

Theo Jansen creates new forms of “life”.  Is he a new kind of Dr. Frankenstein?  No, definately not: he’s an artist using technological and scientific principles to create mechanical lifeforms made out of plastic bottles and electricity tubes. Sounds weird and strange, but his creations actually walk and live in their “habitats”, the beach, by means […]


My kind of “clock”

When I saw the first pictures of this “clock”, the first thought that came to mind was “I must have it” (OK, I don’t know the pricetag and it won’t be cheap either, but you’ll have to admit, it’s pretty cool). So what kind of a clock am I talking about? It’s a laser beam […]

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Smuggling images… the image fulgurator

The image fulgurator… sounds like a device from Star Trek, but it’s more down-to-earth… it’s a device created by Julius von Bismarck,  allowing him to physically manipulate photographs.  OK, doesn’t sound too exotic, but the cool part is that the device actually intervenes when a photo is being taken, by “smuggling” another image on the […]