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Bringing the C64 online… part II

Friday evening 20h30, finally getting ready to hook my Commodore on the net and start sending “tweets” from that classic of the 80s. I connect the C64TPC to the serial port of a PC, connect it to the serial port of the SX-64, jam in the Retro Replay cartridge with the RR-Net card attached to […]


The essential Commodore book

Back in the 80’s I was enjoying programming games and applications for my C64 in Basic.  Sure, it was nice to see those applications come to life, but they never really had those cool slick graphics I saw in all the great games that were out there.  How did those developers manage to code these […]

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Bringing the C64 online… part I

I finally, finally found a Retro Replay cartridge with an RR-Net expansion board!  I’ll now be able to bring my trusty old C64 (it will be the SX-64 actually) online and see if I can send tweets from that good ol’ machine from the 80’s. Hang on there, you’re probably thinking:  “What’s all this RR-stuff?”  Well, in […]

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Strange peripherals… JiffyDOS

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve occasionally mentioned JiffyDOS as an important component in really getting the full benefits of peripherals like the 1581 drive and the HD20 hard drive. It’s only fitting that in this week’s episode of “Stranger peripherals…”, I’ll elaborate a bit more on this great piece of hardware. JiffyDOS was […]

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Strange peripherals… the HD20 hard disk

The weekend is about to begin, so this means it’s time for another “Strange Peripherals…” episode!
After all the different types of disks such as a RAM disk, the infamous 1581 disk drive and the Quick Data Drive, it’s time to take a look at something we usually only associate with PCs: a hard drive.[…]

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Strange peripherals… memory expansions

Part 4 already in the “Strange peripherals…” series and this week, I’ll be looking at the so-called RAM Expansion Units or REU’s for short. Originally, these units came out for the C128 in the following flavors: A 1700 unit sporting 128 KBytes of RAM and a 1750 with a whopping 512 KBytes. Later on, the […]


Stange peripherals… The 1581 diskdrive

Ok, it may not seem as exotic as the two previous peripherals discussed here (the Quick Data Drive and the Silicon Disk), but fact is, that the 1581 drive, did not have such a widespread use as the 1541 and the 1570/71 drives for the C64/128, making it a candidate for our weekly article in […]

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Strange peripherals… The Silicon Disk

In our second part of the “Strange peripherals” feature here on the MOS-site, we’ll be discussing another strange peripheral for the C64: the Silicon Disk. So apart from an interesting name, what does this peripheral have to offer? Well, since the early 80’s there were disks for the IBM compatibles, roughly the size of a […]

Strange peripherals… the Quick Data Drive

Starting today, I’ll be using the “Friday Commodore” slot to talk about some of the strange and more exotic peripherals that you could use back in the days on your trusty Commodore 64. It’s surprising to see just how many hardware was manufactured, by Commodore and other companies, as companions to the C64, and it […]

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Commodore 64 vs. ZX Spectrum

Commodore 64 vs. ZX Spectrum: who’s the winner?  It seems the debate will never end, but why, we’re talking about 2 machines from the 80’s! Just do a search on the Internet for these two computers and you will find a huge fun base that still exists for these machines. The two “camps” will say […]