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A must-see for all comedy fans: The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is one of those series that stick out of the crowd.  It’s funny, it’s geeky (yes, it’s about IT guys and there’s a PET 2001 on show in their office) and it’s one of the best comedy shows around. The series has been running for 3 seasons and was aired in Belgium […]


A Commodore on vacation

Next to the Summer books I take along on my vacation, I also have my laptop with me.  During the evenings, I like to go online, check some status updates on Facebook and yes, do some work :) Having my laptop with me, also means I have my C64 with me, so I can play […]

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Summer books

For many of us, getting ready to take a well deserved vacation also means finding the right “Summer books” to take along and read on those hot days at the beach or swimming pool.  The books are a nice break from the technical articles, manuscripts and other work-related material we read during the year. So, what […]

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World Cup South Africa on the C64

If you haven’t already gone completely bonkers with all the vuvuzela’s in this year’s soccer World Cup in South Africa, then why not give it a go yourself (not the vuvuzela, but the actual soccer game) in this C64 game (!) for the World Cup. There’s still a steady stream of new and hacked/modified games that […]

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Learning the trade from Commodore

With the iPad unleashed onto the world, and consumers in Europe more than happy to still pay a ridiculous amount of money for the iPhone (just compare it with the prices in the US), one starts to think what strategic genious Steve Jobs must be. Sure, he’s playing his cards right, but haven’t we seen […]


Commodore Easter Eggs

We’re pretty familiar with “Easter Eggs” on today’s PC platforms.  Basically, these are little tricks the developers hide in their code of say, the Windows OS, and by pressing a certain combination of keys, or by typing in a specific sequence of letters/numbers, a hidden piece of software pops up, usually displaying the names of […]


Commodore demos… 8-bit mayham!

If you’ve ever wondered how far you could push your trusty 8-bit Commodore 64 (and I’m not talking about hardware modifications etc.), then a quick browse though the tons of “demos” that are out on the web gives you a good insight. Demos were the thing back in 1985 that originated mainly from the cracked games […]

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Life after Facebook…

Have you ever tried to hit the “deactivate” button on your Facebook account?  Never really dared to push the button and see what happens? I have to admit, it does feel a bit like walking near the edge of a cliff… but pressing the button does not immediately deactivate your account – it brings you to […]

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Casemod… Commodore-style

When you hear someone talk about “case modding” it is always related to some cool modification that has been done to the computer case (like adding an aquarium (!), adding some colour etc.) to the traditionally pale grey PC. Indeed, casemodding can be traced back to the 90’s when computer geeks were overclocking their CPU’s […]


How much for a prototype?

A few Euros?  A hundred Euros? A thousand Euros?  Well, be prepared to part with a few thousand Euros if you want to own a Commodore prototype! Yes, you’ve not misread this: if you want to own for instance a piece of Commodore’s ventures in the world of Unix, a recent auction on eBay showed that […]