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The Commodore in Hollywood

First up, exceptionally, our “Friday Commodore” is posted on a Saturday.  Next Monday, I’ll be starting my own company “OriCon”, so I had to focus a bit on that :) But not to worry, Saturday’s a good day as well to bring you some interesting facts about the computers we love so much. Today, I’ll […]

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I’ve got a Porsche… design

This week, my Commodore collection became a bit bigger!  I was lucky enough to find someone willing to part with his Commodore 8032-SK along with an 8250 LP dual disk drive.  The machine is in superb condition and fully working, which is a bit of a rarity considering it’s more than 30 years old. Now, […]

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Vintage computers “tweet” and “surf” too!

It seems nowadays you cannot be without a quad CPU, i7 or some other high-end system with the latest GPU to access the latest content on the web, play the coolest games or participate on the social web, whereas 20 years ago MHz processors and a whopping 20Mb drive were top of the range. Question […]


Press Play on Tape

Press Play on Tape… a sentence that is well known by everyone that once owned a Commodore 64 with the infamous cassette player, but do you know it’s also the name of a Danish rock band, exclusively playing tunes from the 80’s Commodore 64 on real instruments? They’ve played already some major venues (Danish Game Awards, the […]