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How to transmit 700 DVDs in just one second?

That’s probably not the exact question scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology posed themselves, but in a nutshell, that’s what they’ve accomplished recently in an experiment. A team of scientists, led by Professor Jürg Leuthold, transmitted data at an unbelievable rate of 26 Terabits per second on a single laser beam, transmitting the data […]

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From kilobytes to exabytes… an information overload

When you think of it, the era of kilobytes and megabytes is not that long ago.  Our trust C64s back in the 80s had 64 of those kilobytes, no physical permanent storage capacity and exchanged information with say a BBS in the order of megabytes (measured over a relatively lengthy period of usage) whereas the […]

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Music of the future… with the Artikulator

Today, thanks to innovators such as Robert Moog, we have a huge range of digital music machines that allow composers like Jean Michel Jarre to create captivating and moving instrumental masterpieces using a “mere” keyboard and computer. Of course innovation goes on and we’re seeing drum machines, music-making software and even mobile phones now compose […]

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Keyboard of the future: Skinput

Imagine turning your arm and fingers into an instrument that can control your computer.  Imagine that you can just tap away at your wrist, palm forearm and see the icons of your media player whizz by. SciFi? Not according to Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University), Desney Tan and Dan Morris (Microsoft Research), who have developed […]

A look into the future…

What will the future look like?  It’s a question that pops up from time to time and has analysts, futurist and other ‘ists’ guessing and thinking of what might be the next big evolution that will revolutionize the way we think, feel and interact.  Most of the time, when that future becomes reality, we see […]