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Classic & Retrogaming Fair, Belgium

When it comes to classic computing systems and arcade machines, I don’t mind driving hundreds of kilometers to attend a retro computing fair. This time however, one was taking place just 20 minutes from where I live: “The Classic & Retrogaming Fair” in Duffel (Belgium). I knew there would be some classics on display (hence […]

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The Great Giana Sisters on Android

Who doesn’t remember “The Great Giana Sisters” on the classic C64? It was one of those classics that many people for many is the quintessential game for the breadbox, and boy, it sure was great. It was even so good that Nintendo took legal action against the distributor Rainbow Arts when it saw the game […]

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Geography on the C64

Last week, my father-in-law and myself launched a new initiative: Best Self Drive Routes. The goal is to bring together the best self drive routes in the world under one umbrella and provide in-depth information on the places of interest, history etc. that you’ll run across when driving the route. When the site went up, […]

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A Commodore Halloween

It’s Halloween tonight, so what better way to celebrate the spookiest of holidays but with a nice bowl of pumpkin soup (made of the pumpkins you carved before) and a series of classic ghostly Commodore games. The kids and myself already had a lot of fun yesterday evening, carving out the Jack O’Lanterns and I […]

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Retro expo at the Teylers Museum, Haarlem

During a recent customer visit in Amsterdam, I noticed a poster advertising a very interesting exposition at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands: The expo, “Gadgets en Games – Van vroeger en nu”, which is translated in English “Gadgets and Games – Then and now” looked liked just the thing for a retro collector […]

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Where did the backup go?

Yesterday I tried to open up the admin-panel of my site to upload this week’s “Friday Commodore” article, but the page… went blank. Whoops, what’s up here.  Slow connection maybe?  No, other sites load just fine.  Maybe a DNS issue?  No, connecting via one of my computers in Amsterdam gave the same results… all blank. […]

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Do you remember the “Surfari”?

My parents recently decided to move house, so they asked me to come over and browse through my old stuff that was still in the attic and see what could be thrown away and what I wanted to bring to my place. I stumbled amongst others upon my old Philips Videopac game console (more on […]

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The Eurovision Song Contest

The weekend after my birthday was traditionally a family event.  Uncles, aunts and grandparents all came to our house for birthday cake, lots of presents for me (of course!) and… the Eurovision Song Contest. In case you’re wondering what this is, well, it is one of the longest running television shows in the world.  It […]

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From Pong to Playstation – Expo

This year’s “From Pong to Playstation 2011” expo looks like it’s set to become a great event. Several vintage machines, including some rare gems like the Commodore p500, will be on display and several more will be “playable” so you don’t have to just look at them. This living museum is an initiative from the Dutch […]

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Finding hidden gems

Last Saturday, on my way to the beach with the family, I decided to stop in Ghent at “Flanders Expo”, where a big fair of all things retro and vintage was taking place.  It was organized by the “Kringwinkel” (those are shops that sell second hand stuff for really cheap prices) and this year the theme was […]

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