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A visit to the Arcade Expo in Amsterdam

Last Friday I was in Amsterdam for a client meeting, so since I was in town anyway, I decided to drop by the Arcade Expo (runs till March 27th in the Mediamatic building, located at the Vijzelstraat 68). When I entered the expo, I was greeted immediately with the all too familiar bleeps from the […]

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Commodore USA shows new models

Commodore USA, founded by Barry Altman in April of 2010 announced last year a new all-in-one (AIO) computer called the Phoenix.  When they announced it, it featured the Commodore logo and the classic rainbow stripes, but that basically was all that reflected the classic C64. Furthermore, due to some licensing issues they could not use the […]

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Happy 10th birthday Wikipedia!

Exactly 10 years ago, what started off as the spin-off of another project, exclusively in English, has grown to become an encyclopedia in every language possible (even dialects), containing millions and millions of articles on as many subjects. What am I talking about?  Wikipedia of course, which celebrates today its 10th anniversary. Founders Jimmy Wales […]

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The chess grandmaster!

When I recently got my Commodore CHESSmate, I was curious to see how the CHESSmate, which in essence is nothing more than a modified KIM-1 with a 6504 CPU in which the whole chessprogram was stored in 4KB of ROM, would hold up against a modern day opponent. For this, I loaded up the chess […]


Gifts from Twitter friends!

Getting gifts is always nice (as is giving of course), and this Christmas, I got some gifts that were rather special, as they came from friends on Twitter.  Most of the time, online friends tend to be people that you interact with on the web, nothing more, nothing less.  Only few of these make it […]


Something for the Christmas wishlist

Only a few more days to go till Christmas and perhaps you’re still in need of the perfect gift for that geeky boy/girlfriend or husband/wife? Fear not, the ideal gift that has geekness written all over it is just around the corner (well, just around the virtual corner in that virtual online store): the “I […]

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Retro computers in music

This weekend, I’ve had some interesting discussions on Twitter with @gencom64, @spectrumgomas, @boriel and many others on retro computers in today’s music.  Well, at a certain moment it was more a discussion on which is the better computer (i.e. C64 or ZX Spectrum)  – but that’s always the case when you put C64 and Spectrum fans in the […]

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What are you doing on 10-10-10?

Today it is October 10th, 2010 or written differently 10-10-10.  It is one of those magical days where all the numbers (days, month, year) add up nicely.  Sure enough, next year we’ll have November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11) but the number ten is all the more special as it is a number that we associate with […]

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Advertising on Google… playing with the big boys

A couple of weeks ago, I received a € 50 voucher for Google AdWords. I thought it would be a nice idea to spend this voucher and see if I can direct some more traffic to my blog (ego alert here).
A few weeks into the campaign (I only spend like € 4 per day of the voucher), I’m getting some more vistors by targetting some specific Commodore keywords like “Amiga”, “C64”, etc.

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Google doodles… solve the puzzle

The Google logo on their search engine has always been just that little more than just the corporate logo.  From time to time, especially on dates that have an importance in history, the Google logo, or doodle, will change into a more creative logo depicting something that has to do with that specific date in […]

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