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Internet = easy money… for some

“Making money with the internet” It is every “internet savvy” businessman’s dream: running an e-commerce site, getting Google AdSense revenue etc. are just a few examples of how one can go about and realise this goal. But… it isn’t easy finding a great idea that will sell online or getting your site high enough in […]

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And the winner is… Webby Awards!

There’s not arguing about it: online, internet, social media, … they’re all becoming more and more important to our everyday lives.  It’s no surprise that a recent survey amongst youngster showed that, if they had to decide between TV or internet, it would be the latter that would stay. No surprise then that the Webby […]

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The “old” vs. the “new”

I recently came about this article on the FT, stating that European Telco’s were gearing up for a fight with the big “G” (that’s Google). Apparantly, the big Telco’s (such as Telefónica, S.A., France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom) are looking to get some sort of compensation from Google for the use of its bandwidth-consuming application […]

Hello world!

A fitting opening post, to my new blog :) I’ve been playing with the idea for several months now, to start my own blog.  The problem was, what shall I write about?  We’ve got plenty of Web 2.0, technology, geeky, personal etc. etc. blogs around, so how can I make my blog be a bit more […]

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