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Finding a new dimension… it gets spooky!

Last year, there was a lot of buzz around the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project at CERN in Geneva when announcements were being made that it would be likely that the elusive Higgs particle would be found before the end of 2011.  At the same time, things like experimental proof of multiple dimensions, on top of […]

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Space Shuttle… the story continues on your C64

With the Space Shuttle Discovery in orbit, an era slowly but surely draws to a close.  The Discovery’s mission (bringing supplies to the ISS and sending the first humanoid robot – the Robonaut 2 – in space) is its 39th and it brings the total number of Space Shuttle flights to 133. The craft is […]

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Finding a new dimension… we’re getting close!

Take a random SciFi series and chances are, starships will be using faster than light travel and explorers from Earth will encounter beings that exist in multiple dimensions…  well, it seems that SciFi is getting real, at least for the multiple dimensions. Scientists at the CERN research center in Geneva say their “Big Bang” project is going beyond all […]

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Remembering Carl Sagan

Today, November  9th, we commemorate one of the greatest scientists ever: Carl Sagan who died on December 20th 1996 after a full but too short life, dedicated to bringing science closer to the general public by turning complex issues into comprehensible explanations. Today, 76 years ago, Carl Sagan was born in Brooklyn, New York where the […]

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8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit or just a bee?

Our life is dominated with information flows: TV, web, phone, … and the future success of these flows and networks depends greatly on how we can best manage the ever increasing demands on bandwidth and computer processing power. One important challenge is making sure that traffic takes the optimal route, eliminating unnecessary stops (or hops) […]

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Benoit Mandelbrot and the eternal fractals

On October 14th, the great French mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot, passed away, aged 85.  The news was made public only today. Mandelbrot is best know for his research on recursive structures, which he discovered as being underlying principles in his work on information technology, economics and fluid dynamics.  He later called these structures “fractals” and first […]

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Clean keyboards are here!

Everyday, my line of work brings me into contact with computer keyboards.  These keyboards have been used and manipulated by several other people before me, and unlike my keyboards at my office, they are not always maintained properly. Who can guarantee that the person who used a keyboard before me washed his or her hands […]

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Tonight, look up!

Amongst my interests, astronomy definately has a sweet spot.  Ever since my early childhood, I was fascinated with the stars and planets (a healthy dose of SciFi series on TV helped) and the early 70s and 80s series like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos definately played an important factor in chosing my university degree in nuclear physics. So, tonight, […]

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An avatar reveals a lot…

The choices, it seems,are endless when designing an avatar or a virtual alter ego in games like World of Warcraft.  You can choose to be the strong warrior, or prefer to be the magic-wielding scholar etc. Scientists at Concordia University asked the question if your avatar resembles your characteristics in real life or if it really is a […]

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New findings about Halley’s comet

According to American astronomers, it were the ancient Greeks that first spotted Halley’s comet in 466 BC. Up till now, it was assumed that it were the ancient Chinese astronomers in 240 BC, who were the first to spot the comet when it passed by Earth in its 75-year orbit around the sun. The astronomers […]

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