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Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful … that’s what matters to me.” – Wall Street Journal 1993 Thanks Steve for all the wonders you’ve given us… you will be missed… A small tribute to the “man that made Apple(s)”

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Google buys Motorola!

Biggest news of the week, month, quarter or year… it could be anyone of these: Google has acquired Motorola for 12.5 billion dollar in cash (note: Google has about 35 billion dollar to spend)! In the world of technology, there’s never a dull moment, but this surely must have caused Steve Jobs to spill some […]

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Chip archaeology: Visual 6502

If there’s one chip that shaped the computer industry more than the infamous Intel 4004, it’s the MOS 6502.  This 8-bit 1MHz CPU, designed by Chuck Peddle in the early 70s was the one that powered famous computer systems such as the Apple I and II, the Commodore PET and the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment System […]

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What every Commodore fan should know (and a lot more!)

We all love our good old Commodore 64, but how much do we know about this machine?  If you’re a frequent follower of my blog and my posts on the Twitter boards, then you know already quite a lot about this wonderful machine and even know some of the more strange and exotic aspects of […]


The NASA garage sale

Companies selling off their old computers and IT hardware in general is nothing new and is something you see happening quite often.  It’s for many the ideal opportunity to purchase a “still OK, but not brand-new” PC to play around with, experiment with some different OS or give as a PC to a relative who […]

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Happy Birthday Microsoft Windows!

It’s 1985… Ronald Reagan has become President of the United States…  Mikhail Gorbatsjov becomes leader of the Soviet Union… together, they will end the cold war… This is the backdrop for another duo that will enter history: the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. This week indeed, Microsoft Windows will celebrate its 25th birthday, as on […]

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Happy birthday Windows95!

Wow, 15 years already… time does indeed pass by faster than expected. I remember it well, my very first computer course I gave as an instructor at the VDAB Antwerp, where I was a lecturer on computer technology and application usage. My first class of students didn’t even all have a computer at home, but […]

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QR codes to help save the Gulf

You’ve probably come accross a QR code before (some airlines use it to provide you with an online boarding pass that you can use on your iPhone) and now QR codes could help to clean up the Gulf after the BP oil spewing disaster. How?  Well, the activist group Women of the Storm is rallying public support […]

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Microsoft reveals Xbox “Kinect”

Some time ago, Microsoft revealed it was working on a new peripheral for the Xbox, under the name “Project Natal”, that would introduce the next level of interactive gaming. As a head-on attack to the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft now has revealed the peripheral as the “Kinect” at the E3-show and it looks good.  It is a […]


Gaming on the Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a very cool (but still quite expensive) interactive means of working with a computer.  Basically, the keyboard is a full-blown table, with a glass surface that you can touch and use to interact with numerous applications.  Cool applications allow you to display your pictures, enlarge them, organize them etc. as if […]

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