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Online video to multiply internet traffic by 4

Cisco Systems has predicted that Internet networking traffic multiply by 4  leading up to 2014 in its Annual Visual Networking Index Forecast. The key driver seems to be online video accounting for 91% of consumer traffic – both traditional web video like YouTube but also Video on Demand services. To get an idea of the amount of data […]

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Browser wars… it’s getting funny =)

Ever since Microsoft got onto the browsermarket with its Internet Explorer 4 browsers (the ones before never really were a match for the likes of Netscape) and competition was the name of the game, we started referring to the battle for internet browser marketshare as the “Browser Wars”. A couple of years ago, it seemed […]

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Augmented reality… and a cookie!

One of the coolest innovations of the moment, for me, is augmented reality.  Basically, instead of creating a virtual reality in which you can immerse yourself, augmented reality, as the term states, enhances the actual reality by bringing in items from the virtual realm.  With the use of smartphones for instance, augmented reality will be […]

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The last page of the internet…

As it stands right now, it looks like in two year’s time, we’ll run out of IP addresses. The growth of the web has meant that only about 7% of these addresses, roughly 300 million, are left to allocate. This entire pool is expected to be depleted in April 2012. Why is this such a […]

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How “happy” is your country? Facebook knows!

Forget the statistics provided by your country’s institutions on how we perceive the economy, see the future or think politics will change.  From now on, Facebook has all the answers. It’s nothing new, as Facebook for some time already had its “Gross National Happiness” application running in prototype-mode, but it has extended the list of […]

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Will Facebook own the web… and you?

Facebook recently announced a feature that will give it a reach way beyond the boundaries of its own social media emporium: a “like” button that will appear on sites on the internet. Basically, users will be able to like content, sites etc. that they visit and share this info immediately on their Facebook pages. This […]

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Become ‘Iron Man’ with Augmented Reality

Not long to go (April 28th) before “Iron Man 2” comes to a theater near you, and to ease the waiting, Marvel and Paramount have a treat in store for you: a very cool augmented reality web experience. At the UK Iron Man 2 website, by using you webcam, you can get suited up with an Iron Man […]

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Printing in the clouds

A question that was on many people’s minds was how will you be able to print from a web-centric device such as an iPad? Apple’s latest iPhone OS 4.0, due for the iPhone this summer and for the iPad this fall, does not show any insights as far as I can see on the rumoured […]

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