C64 month

This month, 30 years ago, the Commodore 64 went on sale. To celebrate this landmark event in computing history, Commodore enthusiasts around the world are playing the old classics on their breadboxes, organizing special events at their club meetings and setting up special celebration facebook and Google+ pages.

Here at mos6502.com, I’ll be running a competition (just like I did last year for C64 week), but as it’s a bit more special this time (you’re only 30 once), the “questions” will be a bit harder but the prizes a lot bigger. How about a genuine Amiga 500 for instance? Or some Quickshot VII joysticks so you can play your favorite games on your C64? Pretty cool if I say so myself!


So, as of today Monday, August 13th, I’ll be putting a couple of questions online every week till August 31st.

They will all be featured on this page, as to keep everything nicely centralized. There’s no need to send in your answers immediately, as the competition closes on Monday, September 3rd 22h00 CET. You need to send me your answers to all the questions before that time, either via mail to robby.boey@mos6502.com of via a DM on Twitter @IlRoberto.

From all the correct entries, I’ll draw one lucky winner who will get the Amiga 500. Two other lucky participants will get a Quickshot joystick. For the latter, the draw will be amongst all participants, so even if you know only a couple of answers, you still have a chance to win this excellent prize!

Here’s the first set of questions, good luck!

1. This is a close-up of which Commodore system?

2. It’s a keyboard, but of which Commodore system?

3. To what does this belong to?

4. The C64 had many peripherals.  Which one is this?

5. This is part of the box art of which game?

6. This has got to be one of those classic epic C64 games.  Shown here is a page out of the manual.  What’s the game?

7. Over the years, Commodore made many different computers and peripherals.  Some never left the prototype stage, just like the disk drives shown here.  Can you tell me for which system they were intended?

8. Music on the C64 was made possible by the incredible SID chip.  Of course, that is only the hardware part.  It was up to those who could actually make music to add to the atmosphere of so many games.  Can you name these 3 SID legends?

9. Zooming in on some games, can you name this one?

10. More close-ups of games… which one is this?

11. OK, here’s one more… go on, it’s easy!

12. Which Commodore system is this?

13. A look at the inside of a Commodore via the user port… but what Commodore is this?

14. Schematics were essential of you wanted to tinker with your Commodore hardware.  So, what’s the name of this chip?

15. In the early 80s, Commodore published a bi-monthly magazine called “Commodore the Microcomputer Magazine”. The main focus of this magazine was the PET. As the VIC-20 and Commodore 64 grew tremendously in popularity, a new magazine was launched on July 1st, 1982 with a focus on video games. What was the name of this magazine?

16. The Commodore 64 ran at roughly 1 MHz. The engineers at Commodore experimented with the 6502 speeds and at a certain moment in 1982, made an 8-bit 6502 run at an amazing speed of … MHz? How fast did it run?
It never went into production though, as faster CPU would have called for faster RAM and ROM and that would have made it too expensive.

17. Who was the voice-over that gave the first Commodore 64 commercials that little sarcastic undertone?

18. Who at Commodore actually gave the Commodore 64 its name?

19. What was the “old” name or name used during the design of the Commodore 64?

20. The Commodore 64 had a portable version, called the SX-64.  There were also 2 other portable versions in existence (although very very rare).  One featured a second disk drive and another had a monochrome screen instead of the colour monitor inside the SX-64. What were the names of these 2 other “flavors” of portable Commodore 64s?