It’s Commodore 64 week!

This week, it’s Commodore 64 week.  The Commodore and retro enthusiast Glen McNamee started the idea on facebook and Twitter and so far, already hundreds of people have RSVP’ed the event and are doing something C64 related this week.  Activities range from changing your avatar into something C64-like, blogging about your fondest memories of the breadbox or whatever else you can think of!

I’ll be hosting a C64 “recognize that game” competition this week, with a nice Commodore related prize for the winner.  First part of the competition will be online this evening and you’ll have all week to participate – check out the competition here!

Now, about those fondest C64 memories… I guess it has to be the many gaming nights my dad and I spent on the C64.  My dad wasn’t all that much into computers, but he did like the games the C64 had to offer.  My dad was a real champion at Pitstop, Test Drive (never could beat him) and a very addictive game of John Lowe’s Ultimate Darts that I got on the cover tape of Commodore Format, the splendid UK games magazine.
That last one, as we always loved to watch the World Championships at the Lakeside with the old time greats like Eric Bristow, Bobby George, and of course, John Lowe, was our favorite 2-player game and a superb darts simulation and we both participated in the “World Championship”, meaning that most of the time, it was one player competing in his round, and the other closely watching the game.  When the round was done, it was the other players turn, and so on to the quarter finals, semi’s and then the final where we faced each other every time (and I ended up as runner-up most of the time).
It surely wasn’t the easiest of games to master, and you really had to practice by first playing in the easier variants like the “pub shootout”, before taking on the pro’s.  Playing in the Championships meant throwing a lot of 180s to be victorious!

I recently came accross the old cover tape with this classic, along with many other ‘trip down memory lane’ things when my parents moved house inlcuding a box containing also the little pieces of paper I used to scribble the gamescores on, along with several notes my dad took to keep track of his results on the many C64 games.
It sure was a great time and I look back upon those good times with a sense of nostalgia, every time I play a game together with my daughters (and yes, they already beat me at many games!)

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6 Responses to It’s Commodore 64 week!

  1. Every week is Commodore 64 week ;)

    This is great. Sharing it around and hoping for some cool posts.

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  3. We had the cassette tape drive and I remember a cassette we called “Hi Eddy” with games and a few songs on it. One was a jugband song. The music capabilities of the Commie were cutting edge back then. 3 voices, different envelopes, attack, sustain, decay, release. We got a commodore magazine and there was a mystery song at the back you could enter using CLI…poke53272 stuff. Very painful. It literally took me days to type it all in without errors. I finally finished and played it for the first time for the family….it was the same damned Jugband song we’d heard over and over from the cassette! I couldn’t believe it and my dad laughed so much.

  4. Timothy Benjamin

    I should be receiving my new Commodore 64 this Monday. So C64 week should be exceptionally meaningful to me.

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  6. Mike Partington

    I’m glad you have fond memories of that darts game. Me too – I actually designed and wrote it. It only seems like yesterday. Today, I spend many an hour with my young lad playing all those C64 games on an emulator. He’s not a bad gamer for 9 years old but he’d never beat me at Ultimate Darts tho – that’s for sure ;-)

    Long Live Rock ( and the C64 ) !!!

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