Prince of Persia on the C64!

The Commodore 64 featured some of the very best games that were out on the market in the 80s and even into the early 90s. I find myself browsing the GB64 game archives and always have a copy of “The Commodore 64 Book – 1982 to 199x” (an excellent printed overview of the C64 classics) close at hand.

With the era of Commodore ending in 1994, so did the game development for the classic 8-bit machine… well at least from a commercial perspective. Fans of the breadbox continued to push their machine to the limits and several coders emerged on the forefront with games that showed never-seen-before graphics such as the amazing Newcomer game.
Famous synthesize and chiptune artists also chipped in and created soundtracks or contributed to the score of the newly created Commodore 64 games (like Welle:Erdball, who created an exclusive track for the 2005 game Metal Dust).

And the development continues, with Wired magazine reporting on the release of the game “Prince of Persia” for the C64 earlier this month.
This classic game of 1989 made it back in it’s day from the original version on the Apple II to the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, PC, Master System, NES, and Game Boy. A version was even included in the Wii edition of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.
Strangely enough, it had never appeared on the Commodore 64, until now: A coder named Mr SID has painstakingly recreated the game from scratch using the original Apple II code. It’ll work on both the Commodore 64 and 128 and is available for download on CSDB.

The graphics are fluid and the gameplay is pure platform and puzzle fun. It’s well worth the download and thanks to Mr SID, an empty slot in the C64 games collection had now finally been taken.
If you want to find out more about the development process, then make sure to catch up with Mr SID on his blog where he reports on the achievements, issues and the overall project of the C64 “Prince of Persia”.

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4 Responses to Prince of Persia on the C64!

  1. Robby "The C= guy"

    Version 1.1 is released today which handles various bugfixes. Get it now at

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  3. I have seen this on a bunch of places. I am amazed that it looks so good. POP was all about gameplay really but it is what a consider a 16 bit game and above minimum. I am pleasantly surprised.

  4. Why was the P.O.P. never released for the C64 back in the Days? Because it needs at least 128KB of Ram to work! This Game wont work with an unexpanded C64!

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