3 Decades apart, the gameplay survives

Earlier this week, I took this picture of my two daughters. Whilst one was playing on her Nintendo 3DS, the other one had sneaked into my office and taken one of the classic Nintendo Game & Watch games, Mario Bros and then snuggled herself next to her sister on the couch.
Seeing this, it got me thinking that kids nowadays are bombarded with all the latest games and technology in which it seems the graphics need to be more colorful, more realistic and yes, even 3D. But is this really what kids want?
My two girls are certainly no exception to the rule when they enjoy a game on the C64 or Philips Videopac as my friends on Google+ and Twitter that also share a passion for the vintage gaming machines often tell me that their kids love playing on their consoles as well.

Of course, in a way, our kids are exposed to the games and technology of the 80s and the 90s as we keep the old machines alive and share our passion and love for the craftsmanship of these early systems – It’s somehow then to be expected that they know and want to play the old games.
Then again, seeing my two kids, who both have the latest Nintendo, sometimes put it aside for an old game that features two little men, with a minimum of animation on two small LCD screens might be a sign that there is something underlying that is more important than fancy graphics, cool sound effects and a zillion built-in cameras… and that I think is gameplay.
Nothing beats a game that has you pushing to get that extra point, that extra level, that extra special bonus when you hit the 1000 point mark…
Gameplay will always get you coming back, no matter how “bad” the graphics and the capabilities are of a system that is separated by 3 decades from its youngest offspring

It’s something I see every time my kids play on one of the old machines.
So I guess my Game & Watch game is now one of my kids’ games, and it definitely has stood the test of time and I’m sure it will provide them many hours of fun even when the latest and coolest new handheld device comes along.

Keep on playing kids, keep on being young!

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2 Responses to 3 Decades apart, the gameplay survives

  1. I have some Nintendo like this lol

  2. Nintendo’s Game & Watch Gallery games for the GameBoy Advance (some are available for the DS through Nintendo Club rewards) provide the old-school gameplay on their new machines, too.

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