A PC keyboard for the C64

In previous blogposts, I talked about getting a PC “feel” for the C64 (see “The legend strikes back” and “Casemod… Commodore-style”).
All these modifications and enhancements were of course pretty cool, but how about getting the ease of use of a PC keyboard on your C64, without expensive or time-intensive modifications?

The answer came in 1989 from the German company “Elve EDV”, who created a special interface that allowed you to connect your AT-keyboard onto the keyboard connector of the C64.  It appears (although I never saw one) that there did exist some other, older interfaces to connect a PC keyboard but they seemed to involve connecting it to the cassette port… duh?

The interface EDV provided consisted of a PCB-board, equipped with the standard C64 keyboard connector and an AT input connector.  The board would not just translate the keyboard entries into C64-compatible inputs for Basic, Geos, Printfox  etc. but also allow for multiple C64 entries to be sent with just one simple press on the keyboard.

EDV claimed their interface would connect basically any AT-keyboard that was out there on the market, and all this for the price of (in today’s currency) 70 Euro.

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3 Responses to A PC keyboard for the C64

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  2. Maybe could be possible, if you find some free time for this, to publish schematics, PCB layout, and EPROM contents for this device?

  3. The C64-C128 be nice to have a PC keyboard but the C128D?DRC Would be a big deal as many C128D/DRC keyboards are lost broken or just don’t work. I like to sit on sofa or recliner as the year go by. I use both C64 only and C128. I am 68 and C= makes me 34 again going back to 1985 with the Deloren. Marty Mcfly in your eye! C64 is my time machine! Thanks as this would be huge!

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