A rainy weekend, so let’s watch a movie

With the weather forecast being not too promising for the weekend, why not make yourself comfortable and stay in and watch a movie?
As a “geek”, an excellent choice would be “Pirates of Silicon Valley”.  No, no Johnny Depp in this one, but an interesting movie depicting the early days of Microsoft and Apple and how Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the early key players of the computer era came to their industry-changing ideas.
The movie has quite a strong cast with Noah Wyle (ER, The Librarian) as Steve Jobs  and Anthony Michael Hall (The Dark Knight) as Bill Gates.

It does have one flaw… it doesn’t mention Commodore!  Commodore bought BASIC royalty free from the young company called “Micro-Soft” with the allowance to make any modifications as they deemed necessary, and all this for a one-off fee of $10.000 back in1976.
Bill Gates still recalls that moment as his biggest misstep in his early career, as a licensing deal would have made him a millionaire much faster

Nevertheless, with a focus on the Apple – Microsoft love-hate relationship, it is still an exciting movie for anyone interested in the history of some of the greatest computer companies ever!

Have a great weekend!

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