Happy 64th birthday Jean Michel Jarre!

Today is Jean Michel Jarre’s 64th birthday. He sure is one of my heroes and has been my favorite composer since, well, as far as I can remember. It was my aunt who was very much into electronic music and got me my first Jean Michel Jarre record. It was for me a revelation: the beauty of the sounds coming from a series of transistors, amplifiers, … conducted by the skillful hand of the master composer… it was something which would shape my taste in music forever. Those of you who follow my Spotify playlists or keep in touch with my Last.fm profile will know that it’s all electronic music that I (mostly) listen to.
His 1990 concert in Paris was also the first concert I went to and I’ve been fortunate to see him perform live a couple times more.

Now I wouldn’t normally blog about this (he has his birthday every year), but this year, it’s a bit special. Special as he’s turned 64 in the same year and month as the Commodore 64 turns 30… 30 being his age when he released the album Equinoxe back in 1978… Equinoxe being the stage name of synthesizer composer Liam Fretwell who uses next to his synths the sounds of the classic breadbox… I see some magical combinations here… * queue X-Files theme music *

Speaking of theme music, Jarre’s music has been used in many Commodore games and demos. The best in my book has to be the Martin Galway version of Les Chants Magnétiques IV used on the title screen of Yie Ar Kung-Fu, but the 1989 Prosonix SID version of Oxygène IV is a gem as well.

Happy birthday Jean Michel!

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