How I started my Commodore collection

Last month I was asked by the excellent Retro Games Collector if I wanted to be featured on their “Show Us Your Collection” series.  In these articles, they interview a collector of retro games, consoles, computers etc. on how they started their collection and what turned them to collecting vintage electronics in the first place.

Needless to say I was flattered by this request and said yes.  A series of questions followed and a couple of weeks later, the interview got published.  You can read it over at their website and it’ll give some more background as to the how’s and why’s about me and my Commodore collection.
So a big thank you to the people over at Retro Games Collector for letting me “brag” about my collection.

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2 Responses to How I started my Commodore collection

  1. It really was our pleasure Robby. It’s always great to see a collection, but especially so when the collector is so passionate about the things he/she collects. Many thanks for agreeing to show your awesome collection on our site.

  2. Emiliano Tacconelli

    Ciao dall’Italia Robby,
    many many thanks for your commodore passion.

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