I’ve got a Porsche… design

This week, my Commodore collection became a bit bigger!  I was lucky enough to find someone willing to part with his Commodore 8032-SK along with an 8250 LP dual disk drive.  The machine is in superb condition and fully working, which is a bit of a rarity considering it’s more than 30 years old.

Now, what makes this machine so special?  Sure, it’s not the first PET, as the 2001 series dates back to 1977, but this PET features a remarkable design… made by Porsche!  Commodore actually enlisted the services of Porsche Design, a separate firm from the famous car maker that specializes in industrial design and they did a fantastic job.  It is one of the first computers to feature a monitor that can turn on the base and the keyboard can be separated from the case (hence the SK in the name: Separated Keyboard).

Looking back at these early years of the computer-industry, it is apparent that design was very important.  The computer was not something that you would hide in a cabinet or put under your desk.  No, it was something to show to your peers and it meant you had embraced the future and were going to harness the power of the computer (and little did we know that it is now enabling us to chat, mail and share information with people halfway across the globe in the blink of an eye).

If only today’s computer makers would pay attention to design as well… or we could just put a new motherboard with an i7-processor inside one of those vintage machines… now there’s an idea…

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