Life after Facebook…

Have you ever tried to hit the “deactivate” button on your Facebook account?  Never really dared to push the button and see what happens?

I have to admit, it does feel a bit like walking near the edge of a cliff… but pressing the button does not immediately deactivate your account – it brings you to a page that contains the “ultimate” deactivate button.
The thing is, again here Facebook shows how strong they are in playing the psychology-game, as it will show a random selection of pictures stating that your friends will miss you.

In my case, Facebook even told me my wife would miss me!  Well, luckily we do have a life away from the internet as well, so sorry Facebook, that’s not true =)

Playing the psychology-game is nothing new… it’s been around since, well, the beginning.  And so we also find this with Commodore.  I’ve got a couple of vintage Commodore adverts and on one of them (an advert for the VIC 20) there’s a striking example.
After about 4 paragraphs in the advert in which they state how the machine will make life easier, better and fun for you and your family, they mention that if after you’ve experienced the enriching moments with your machine, you’re not satisfied, you can return it, no questions asked.

You’ve got to put it in the context of the early 80’s, as back then, computers were still being seen by many as the bane of society, as they would take away everyone’s job.  So adverts for computers in general always had to play the game that you could simply send it back if you didn’t like it, and that, more importantly they would change your life for the better.

So, life after Facebook… or computers in general… I wouldn’t know… I haven’t pressed the button… 1-0 for psychology!

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