Press Play on Tape

Press Play on Tape… a sentence that is well known by everyone that once owned a Commodore 64 with the infamous cassette player, but do you know it’s also the name of a Danish rock band, exclusively playing tunes from the 80’s Commodore 64 on real instruments?
They’ve played already some major venues (Danish Game Awards, the Roskilde Festival, …) and from time to time, they’ll put their guitars to the side and attach some gamecontrollers from a PS3, Xbox, … to a synthesizer and play some old C64 tunes, using just these controllers.  Geeks, but pretty cool at the same time :)
Sometime ago, they’ve made a videoclip – as a boy band – showing their love of the good ol’ C64 (no, I’m not in the clip, although I also like my C64).  It’s fun, and shows that there’s more people outthere that still enjoy the games, the design and the whole culture around the Commodore machines.
So, with this post, I’m officially making Friday, the Commodore-day on my blog :).  So expect more fun, crazy, strange and interesting posts and clips from the golden Commodore era every Friday!

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