Running a C64… under water!

People do crazy things… nothing new there, but it gets interesting when it involves the Commodore 64 :)
At the “Hobby & Elektronik” fair held in Stuttgart, Germany on November 18th – 21st, the guys from the  CCL (Commodore Connection Line) attempted to break the world record for “Running a computer under water”.

That’s right, there’s actually a world record for running your computer under water (don’t try it at home!), and apparently, the Commodore 64 does a great job at this.  Back in 2002, the first attempt at submerging the C64 (and hence calling it the U64 – referring to the naming convention used in Germany for submarines) was successful, although it did take several attempts and experiments.  Distilled water and a water pump to keep the water flowing played a key role in making sure that short circuits would be kept to a minimum.  The experiment was presented at the 2002 HobbyTronic fair and got quite some attention in the press (articles can be found here).

So earlier this month, the C64 again became the U64, and after 3 attempts it ran for more than 1 hour fully submerged under water, a new world record!
It’s pretty amazing to see the C64 fully functioning whilst fully submerged in water.  I knew that the C64’s keep functioning, when the motherboard is dried after being soaked in water (yes, I tried it), but I never realized they actually operate whilst being in the water!

So, what’s the next experiment?  Running the C64 at near absolute zero temperatures?  My guess is, it will work flawlessly!

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