The C64 as a medical aid

Back in the 80s Commodore C64s were making their way not only into the households, they were also being utilized more and more in the medical profession.
One such example is the use of the C64 as a bio feedback device. The company Schippers-Medizintechnik built a special bio feedback device that was connected to the breadbox’ user port and which allowed your physician to analyze things such as stress level, assist you in finding a better working position at your desk and much more.

Basically the patient would be attached to the bio feedback device which would measure muscle tension. The signals would be transmitted to the C64 which in turn would analyze the data and provide instant feedback on the screen by means of graphs and produce some bleeps at the same time indicating the level of stress or muscle tension.

The patient would then immediately be able to adjust his/her position, do some stress relieve like breathing exercises and immediately see the result on screen.

Next to the regular C64, the SX-64 also became quite popular in hospitals as it could be transformed into a quick and portable all-in-one measuring lab. The company Datalog even sold a modified version of the SX-64, called the ADS which had a built-in measuring and steering module.

Do you know of other uses of the C64 in the medical sector? Let me know!

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