The Commodore in Hollywood

First up, exceptionally, our “Friday Commodore” is posted on a Saturday.  Next Monday, I’ll be starting my own company “OriCon”, so I had to focus a bit on that :)

But not to worry, Saturday’s a good day as well to bring you some interesting facts about the computers we love so much.
Today, I’ll run you through some known and less known moments in computing history, more precisely, the Commodore in Hollywood movies and TV-series.

Perhaps one of the best known appearances of the Commodore in movies is the PET 2001 in Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan.  In the beginning of the movie, when Bones visits Kirk at his home, you can see a PET on display in the back of the room.  The presence of the PET is explained a few moments before, when Spock talks with Kirk about his love of 20th century antiques.  A great moment for all Star Trek and Commodore fans – who seem to be in several cases, the same group of people =).  It also shows Shatner’s fascination for the machine, and explains his involvement with the Commodore commercials on TV =)

This and some less known appearances of the Commodore line of computers are to be found on a great site called “Starring the Computer“, which lists a full list of appearances of amongst others the Commodore in movies and TV-shows.
I for one never knew they featured an Amiga in a 2007 episode of “Bones”, nor that another Commodore was featured in one of my all-time favourite comedy shows “Father Ted”.
The site not only lists all the appearances, it also shows the actual movie still in which the machine is featured.  It was great to see them in some series that I enjoyed as a teen like Airwolf and McGyver, and I also learned, that Star Trek was not the only SciFi show featuring the PET.  Terminator 3 (2003) also has it prominently on display.

So if you’re a fan of all things Commodore, be sure to check this site out!

Next to the actual appearances of the Commodores in films and series, there are several shows that make a reference to the machines as well.  One of these is the animated show “Futurama“.  Not only is it a fun series to watch, it pays its tribute to the historical Commodore machines as well, by showing in one of the episodes a painting of a naval officer, called “Commodore LXIV” (which is 64 in Roman numerals) and displaying Bender the robot’s brain as a 6502 processor =)

And the Oscar for best computer performance goes to… Commodore!

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