The essential Commodore book

Back in the 80’s I was enjoying programming games and applications for my C64 in Basic.  Sure, it was nice to see those applications come to life, but they never really had those cool slick graphics I saw in all the great games that were out there.  How did those developers manage to code these “sprites” and push the C64 to the limits when it came to sound and music?

The answer was in a book called the “Commodore 64 Programmer’s Reference Guide”.  It was the “Bible” for any serious developer on the C64 as it featured answers to almost all the questions on memory allocation, stacks, sound creation and much much more.  Of course, getting a copy of the book wasn’t that easy as we were in the pre-internet era, so no to bring the book to your mailbox.

At the University, we did have a copy of the book and the detailed schematics of the inner workings of the C64 proved to be invaluable when we were tasked with a project to make one working C64 out of 3 broken units.
Thinking back to those days remembers me of the smell of the soldering iron :)

Recently, I came accross a copy of the book on an eBay-auction so I quickly put in a bid and a few days later had the book delivered to my doorstep.  Browsing through the book (an original 1st edition from 1982) brings back all the fond memories I had when I was taking my first steps into the world of computers programming.  Seeing the schematics, I can’t wait to start part 2 of the big experiment “Bringing the C64 online…” this weekend.

Armed with my Commodores, RR-Net and the Programmer’s Reference Guide, I’m ready to start the weekend and send the first “tweet” from my Commodore!

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