The MIDIbox SID project

midiboxsid_thumbWith MIDI celebrating its 30th birthday and the C64’s MIDI capabilities being showcased at the NAMM event, I was browsing the web for some really cool implementations of the C64’s SID chip. As you probably know, the SID is an amazing sound chip and has helped the breadbox in achieving its legendary status.
Over the years, there have been several projects and commercial implementations based around this chip which have been adopted by some famous musicians (Depeche Mode and Robyn with the SID Station to name but a few).

But perhaps the most amazing project I’ve found has to be the MIDIbox SID project. It’s a non-commercial & “DIY-only” project that allows you to control up to 8 (!!) SID chips and it has been designed to get sounds out of the SID which cannot be achieved with other solutions, like the C64 based Prophet64.
It goes even beyond the PC based HardSID, as it features a higher refresh rate 1220 Hz and provides a real “live playing feeling”.


midiboxsid2That’s 8 SID chips! (images courtesy of uCApps)

The cool thing about the whole MIDIbox project (it does not limit itself to the SID chip), is that it has become an entire framework called the MBHP, or MIDIbox Hardware Platform, running its own OS called MIOS. Currently 15 modules are available and you can find them on Thorsten Klose’s website.

For a showcase of some of the MIDIbox project, check out the website.

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