To buy or not to buy…

As a collector of vintage Commodore material, eBay is a site that pops-up on my screen every day.
In the past, I’ve been quite successful at finding that very rare or special Commodore item for sale and more importantly, been able to get it at a very low price (a steal as I like to call it).

Recently, two extremely interesting items showed up on my eBay radar: a Commodore Chessmate and a KIM-1.
The Chessmate is one of those items that when it finds its way onto an auction, immediately attracts a lot of attention.  Naturally, the bidding wars started and the items soon surpassed the $60 mark.  Fair enough, that’s not overpriced for an item from the 70s and still in working condition (!), but for me, that’s where I drop off, as then the fun’s gone in finding that item and have it at a great price.  Other collectors might raise an eyebrow here, but for me, part of the fun of collecting the items is finding them at the best possible price.

Same applied to the KIM-1 that went on sale last week.  A beautiful item, one that would surely go on display (as my other Commodores of course), but the KIM-1 is special in the sense that is was built by Chuck Peddle, the man that started the revolution (with the infamous 6502 CPU).  It’s also special as it was the tool that got Steve Wozniak into thinking about a line of computers called… Apple!
Only downside to the auction was that bidding started at € 200,00 which is in all fairness a modest price for such an item, but for me, takes a bit out of the fun of participating in the auction.  Shame really but these are my bidding principles and I stick by them.

So, from time to time, I roam around other sites (and have been successful at it I have to say!) as well as spend a Sunday afternoon at a car-booth sales in the hopes of finding a piece of vintage Commodore computing at a very reasonable price… a real steal, just like the guys over at Old Gold Tech had when they found a ZX81 for £3 :)

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  2. hi, i’ve got a Commodore ChessMate chess computer for sale, for more info visit

  3. Robby "The C= guy"

    A nice item, but the starting price might be a bit too high, considering it is without the manual.

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