Music of the future… with the Artikulator

Today, thanks to innovators such as Robert Moog, we have a huge range of digital music machines that allow composers like Jean Michel Jarre to create captivating and moving instrumental masterpieces using a “mere” keyboard and computer.

Of course innovation goes on and we’re seeing drum machines, music-making software and even mobile phones now compose melodies.  Who knows what the next step will be?  Well, the “Artikulator”, a new application of the iPad might give us a sneek peek into the future.
Traditionally, in order to be able to play music, you first need to know how to “read” music and how to compose a tune, a melody etc. (unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to play”by ear”).
However, with the Artikulator, you’re able to draw the music you want to play on your iPad and then sit back and listed to your composition.
OK, it will take some practise before your tunes are of the level of Jean Michel’s masterpieces, but it just goes to show that technology is bringing the ungraspable closer and closer.

Music Maestro!

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