A Commodore Halloween

It’s Halloween tonight, so what better way to celebrate the spookiest of holidays but with a nice bowl of pumpkin soup (made of the pumpkins you carved before) and a series of classic ghostly Commodore games.

The kids and myself already had a lot of fun yesterday evening, carving out the Jack O’Lanterns and I couldn’t resist turning one into a Commodore logo (once a geek…)

Tonight, on “Halloween”, we’ll be playing these games.  Which ones will you be playing?

A fantastic converion of the coin-op, “Ghosts ‘N Goblins”

Get your broomstick, and get put those bats in the “Cauldron”

Splendid movie tie-in game “Ghostbusters” (hmmm… maybe should watch the movie tonight as well)

Not a walk in the “Forbidden Forest”

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7 Responses to A Commodore Halloween

  1. Ghosts ‘N Goblins is a fun game to play not just on Halloween, but any day of the year. To add a couple more to your list, Bone Cruncher and Freak Factory are also pretty good Halloween themed C64 games.

  2. Another pair of halloween-ish theme games – Druid and Enlightenment: Druid II. Druid II is also on the Amiga. :-) Lots of Zombies, skeletons, demons, giant spiders and the like. Very Halloweeny!!

  3. Matthew H Constant

    Guess I’ll pop in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on VHS cassette and do the Time Warp again!!

  4. Another great spooky game is Cauldron II. Specially when you die and the witches laugh.

  5. Tonight will be a “Ghostbuster” night…. Ghostbusters….ahahahahahahahahahahah

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