A golden iPad

Don’t want to own the same iPad as your neighbour?  Have a few extra (thousands) dollars to spare?  Then a golden iPad might be just the thing for you.

UK-based luxury gadget designer Stuart Hughes has designed a solid gold, diamond-encrusted version of Apple’s tablet.  The price is £129.995, or roughly €150.000, for a 3G iPad with 53 diamonds on the Apple logo and a casing of solid 22ct gold.  Bare in mind though that the device weighs in at 2.1kg, a bit heavy for a tablet :)

This brings to mind “the golden C64”,  a special edition of the Commodore C64, celebrating the 1.000.000th sale of the C64 in Germany and is now one of  the most desirable Commodore items for collectors.

There were about 300 golden Commodore C64s produced with the numbers from 1.000.000 until 1.000.100 reserved for the staff of the Commodore factory Braunschweig.
The rest was given to hard- en software companies, magazine-publishers and distributors.  This item, really never pops up on eBay…

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