Advertising on Google… playing with the big boys

A couple of weeks ago, I received a € 50 voucher for Google AdWords.  I thought it would be a nice idea to spend this voucher and see if I can direct some more traffic to my blog (ego alert here).
A few weeks into the campaign (I only spend like € 4 per day of the voucher), I’m getting some more vistors by targetting some specific Commodore keywords like “Amiga”, “C64”, etc.
However, when I say “more visitors”, I’m talking about 10-15 visits max extra per day.  Not bad for € 4 of free Google money, but how does this compare with the big spenders on Google?

Recently, Ad Age obtained an internal Google document that highlights some of these big spenders on AdWords and it provides an interesting  insight into how the big brands are using Google and how much they are spending.
Now, these guys like eBay, Amazon, etc. they are really spending a lot of money on Google advertising, and we’re not talking € 50 of voucher money…
The top-10 for June looks like this:

  • AT&T Mobility (iPhone4 release) – $8.08 million
  • Apollo Group – $6.67 million
  • Expedia – $5.95 million
  • Amazon – $5.85 million
  • eBay – $4.25 million
  • BP (upping their image after the Gulf spill) – $3.59 million
  • – $3.30 million
  • JC Penney – $2.46 million
  • Living Social – $2.29 million
  • ADT Security – $2.19 million

And all this is just for 1 month!  You can imagine that the return on these adverts is huge for these companies as well, as they most certainly get more than my additional 10-15 visitors per day :)

Now where did I put that additional voucher…

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