And the winner is… Webby Awards!

There’s not arguing about it: online, internet, social media, … they’re all becoming more and more important to our everyday lives.  It’s no surprise that a recent survey amongst youngster showed that, if they had to decide between TV or internet, it would be the latter that would stay.

No surprise then that the Webby Awards is growing in popularity.  For 13 years, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences has given out Webby Awards to blogs, web TV shows and other new media that has set a standard of excellence in web content.  You can catch up on the list of nominees right here.  Just like everthing else on the net, there’s literally tons of categories and nominees, so take your time if you want to go through the entire list =) and be sure to tune in June 14th.

One nominee I would like to highlight though, is “Symphony of Science“, in the category “Online Fim & Video – Video remixes/Mashups“.  This site, run by John Boswell beautifully mixes music with the voices of the great scientists such as Carl Sagan, and spreads their message of physics, evolution, cosmology, … onto an unexpecting audience.  His track “We are all connected” was even aired on Studio Brussels, a popular rock-station in Belgium!  It’s well worth a visit and you’ll be swept away immediately by the music.  He’s got my vote already, so what are you waiting for, go ahead and register to vote!

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