Finding hidden gems

Last Saturday, on my way to the beach with the family, I decided to stop in Ghent at “Flanders Expo”, where a big fair of all things retro and vintage was taking place.  It was organized by the “Kringwinkel” (those are shops that sell second hand stuff for really cheap prices) and this year the theme was “60’s to 80’s”.
Usually in those shops, they sell the still useable stuff like kitchen appliances, clothing, furniture etc. but now, because of the retro theme, they also had some electronics for sale… and there were some gems to be found!

In the pictures below you can see me with C64s, Sega’s and Philips consoles (a Videopac and even an Odyssey!) and the prices, well, they’re true to my bargain hunting motto: all well below 50 Euro!  The Videopac for instance, with 20 games was sold for 5 Euro.  The most expensive one was the breadbox C64, which was in absolute perfect condition (the box looked almost brand-new), and it went for 30 Euro.


These are the type of sales I like, so next Friday, I’ll be roaming around the “Vrijdagmarkt” in Antwerp (a popular spot for vintage and retro collectors – as they’re auctioning some amazing stuff for ridiculously low prices), looking for some more hidden gems!

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4 Responses to Finding hidden gems

  1. JEALOUS!!! Very nice finds :D

    In the US/Canada, I think the term to describe “Kringwinkel” would be a ‘thrift store’. Thrift stores are always fun to trawl around in, you never know what you’re going to find.

  2. Man, I wish I was there..! I really do need to add a C64 to my retro collection, one that works just so I can game on it.! Nice finds can’t wait to see what else to find.! ^_^

    Jorge “Social Gamer” Murphy

  3. Robby "The C= guy"

    Sure was fun and the finds for that kind of money were pretty cool.
    Next Friday’s sale could be interesting as well, as they “auction” the stuff for pennies, so hoping to add a few more to the collection!

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