Gifts from Twitter friends!

Getting gifts is always nice (as is giving of course), and this Christmas, I got some gifts that were rather special, as they came from friends on Twitter.  Most of the time, online friends tend to be people that you interact with on the web, nothing more, nothing less.  Only few of these make it also in the real world, and I was surprised and filled with joy when I opened my mailbox recently to find two packages, sent by two of my Twitter friends: Jorge (@TheSocialGamer) and Sean (@c64club).

Jorge sent me a beautiful hand made classic golden controller, made by his families’ little ones and Sean sent me some delightful hand made Commodore Christmas ornaments (his wife’s a bit of an arts and crafts person it seems!)

They immediately got a special place in my office, on my “Commodore wall”, next to some of the memorabilia I have up there.  They make a geat addition and remind me that some online friends are real friends as well, that share the same passion for retro machines and gaming.

Thanks guys!!

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3 Responses to Gifts from Twitter friends!

  1. I agree. It’s great when online friends can become true and real friends.

    Glad you are enjoying the Commodore Computer Club Christmas ornaments. They look great on your Commodore wall.

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  3. Thanks for the post, it looks like the retro community can sometimes connect good people together..! It’s been a pleasure chatting to you on Twitter. I’m also a big fan of the C64 but don’t have a system on hand and look to you for my C64 stories, tips and anything else retro gaming related..hahaha

    Thanks for being cool, let’s continue to stay in touch.

    Editor In Chief

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