How’s your eBay feedback score?

I’ve been active on eBay for about 7 years now (which isn’t really that long considering they’ve been around since 1995) and have used it mostly to help grow my collections (Commodore, card and boardgames, etc.).  Over these years, my feedback score grew steadily (at a rate of a few points per month) but never soared really high.
It grew a lot faster, once I started to use my account to sell items well.  The only thing I learned the hard way quite soon, was that negative feedback can come your way as well.

When I started selling some of the duplicate cards in my card game collection, it sometimes happened that the cards simply did not arrive at their destination.  If I was really unlucky, it happened to someone who had been waiting for his purchases on some other auction as well, and hence was more likely to be trigger-happy on the negative feedback button…

All this, resulted in a feedback score of roughly 350 points… not too bad for someone who uses eBay occasionally.
But how do scores of those who have made a living out of selling goods online fare?  Sure, I’ve seen so-called “Power Sellers” with scores of 15.000 and up, but how high does a score go?  What’s the record?
Well, a bit of research learns that Jack Sheng was the first eBay seller to receive a feedback score of one million!  This happened back on November 18th, 2008.
Currently, he has a score of over two million.  It took him 8 years to earn that feedback score of one million (compared to my 350 in the same time-span!), but it only took him 18 months thereafter to reach two million.
To congratulate Sheng, the eBay staff created a special “Shooting Star” for his seller profile and named a conference room after him

For me to reach that score on eBay, at the rate I’m buying and selling stuff, would mean I’d have to be online for the next 1000 years or so :)
So, hows your feedback score going?

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