Internet = easy money… for some

“Making money with the internet”
It is every “internet savvy” businessman’s dream: running an e-commerce site, getting Google AdSense revenue etc. are just a few examples of how one can go about and realise this goal.
But… it isn’t easy finding a great idea that will sell online or getting your site high enough in the Google pageranks to start earning some decent advertisement revenue.

Seven year old David DeVore on the other hand, has made already more than $100.000  for  his parents thanks to YouTube (well, it’s not David himself who got the idea, but it’s his clip that’s making it happen).  What am I talking about?  Well, David’s clip in which he’s still slightly “off this world” due to his visit to the dentist was uploaded by his dad and is now one of the most popular clips on YouTube (more than 57.000.000 views!)

Thanks to license-deals, merchandising and adverts on YouTube the revenue generated is in excess of $100.000.  Now, his parents have set-up the website where you can buy T-shirts and other merchandising.

Talk about easy money!

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