Lego in space!

As a kid, Lego definitely was one of my favorite toys. I especially liked the whole Lego space theme with the old designs, the blue and grey space ships, the lunar base plates, the little spacemen…
Never did I think one of those Lego characters would actually go into real space, but that changed recently, when two students (Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad) launched a little Lego man into space.

97 minutes, that’s the how long the journey into “space” lasted from the little Lego man. The figurine, attached to a helium balloon, was accompanied by the Canadian flag, four cameras and a mobile phone. On the video to the right you see the little Canadian increase his altitude, providing some stunning views of Earth.
Ultimately, the figure reached his Waterloo at just over 25 km of altitude.
As the balloon explodes, a small parachute directs him back to Earth, where the mobile phone transmits the location for pick-up, roughly at 120 km from its launch pad.

A scientist at the University of Toronto was impressed by the images and the performance of the two young friends. “There are many people who try such things,” said Michael Reid, “but the number of 17 year olds, I can only count on one hand. What they did is pretty impressive.”

The total cost of the experiment, materials included, was only 500 Euro (I guess the Lego figurine was the cheapest part).

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