More sprites by my little geeks

sprites_spring_thumbBack in November, my kids had their first taste of computer programming when they designed their first sprites on the Commodore 64. With the weather being absolutely splendid this weekend, I decided to bring my SX-64 out on the terrace and play some games. I had just put in the 1st floppy when my kids noticed the portable breadbox and asked me if they could design some new sprites and have them float across the screen just like last time.

Who am I to refuse some classic retro computer time to my two little geeks, so off we went to make some sprites. Contrary to last time, I quickly made an Excel spreadsheet that they could use to draw their sprites (last time, it was all manual labor, including the calculation of the different DATAs). The Excel sheet displayed the 24×21 sprite grid and by typing in 1’s into the different cells (which would then color red), they could draw their new sprites and Excel would do the math.


My oldest daughter decided to make a little red heart, and my youngest designed a unicorn.


Then it was off to the SX-64 where they typed in the different DATA sections into the program we made last time and then… RUN.



The heart and unicorn floated across the screen. That was enough retro computer for one day for them, so whilst they were playing in the garden, I could play some classic AD&D RPGs… time to go on a quest in the “Savage Frontier” – with a nice beer!


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  1. Great to see that they did it all the way from the beginning, i.e. graph paper!

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