Retro Game Fair, The Netherlands

After last month’s Retrogaming Fair in Belgium, it was this time of to the Netherlands I went, accompanied by good friend and retro enthusiast Sven to the
We arrived shortly after the opening and it was already a full-house.  One main hall and three smaller halls awaited us with boxes full of retro gaming goodies.

A lot of consoles this time around, with literally walls lined with Nintendo 64 systems (did someone find a forgotten Nintendo warehouse?) all going for roughly 20 Euros.
If I was a NES enthusiast, I think I could have spent a small fortune there on games. I think every game that was ever made for those systems was up for sale.

Being in Holland, there were a lot of Videopac (Magnavox) consoles and games for sale, as the system was manufactured by the Dutch electronics giant Philips back in the 70s and 80s.  Many of the games could be found in the “sale” bins where you could pick them up for just 1 Euro (the cases were slightly damaged, but they’re still packed with gaming memories – that’s what counts for me).
I noticed one of the bins also contained 4 of those Dutch consoles. Given the size of the consoles (compare them to the early VCS sizes) I went quickly for a large carrier bag, only to find that the consoles were already gone (Lesson learned for next time: bring your own carrier bags – sorry Roby!).

Spot the C64 in this picture

First purchases completed, the 2nd hall was up next. This hall featured several coin-ops and tools and PCBs to start building your own system and was also the venue for the Street Fighter IV championships that were taking place at the fair. Hall 3 featured fellow C64 enthusiast C_64 with his Rastermania company. A good talk led me to being again a bit closer to restoring my own classic coin-op as he really is an expert in this field.

It was also there that a German booth caught my eye with an original boxed “Jack Attack” game for the Commodore 16 and Plus/4 on sale for just 5 Euro.
The game itself was developed by two young Canadian programmers and was initially untitled. Since “Jack attack’s” were something you had to get used to when you worked at Commodore (Jack Tramiel entering your office and basically verbally wiping the floor with whoever screwed up something at Commodore), Michael Tomczyk decided to use that as the name of the game, as the game basically had you “attacking the smiling spinning balloons by jumping on them or squashing them flat with blocks”.

On to the last hall, where I just noticed someone buying a Big Trak (check out Old Gold Tech’s great video about this amazing toy from the early 80s). I was just in time to still get the store owner to pose with the boxed (!) toy.

Here again a lot of N64 games for sale and also quite a lot of the old Nintendo “Game & Watch” games. I was accustomed to see these games (especially the double-screen versions) go for 75+ Euro, but here they were on sale for just 30 Euro (I was tempted, but at the end of the day, you can’t collect everything… or can you… damn, I should have bought them!)

Anyway, it was another great day, with some good purchases, some good talks and the smell of retro electro goodness!

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