The best April fool!

The April fool’s joke that Google played on everyone today is perhaps one of the best, geekiest and most original I’ve seen in a long while.
Basically, in a video (see the video on the right of this artice) that was put online yesterday, Google talks about putting Google maps on one of the classic retro consoles, the Nintendo NES.
It features things like plan your destination, 8-bit renderings of historical buildings and much more.

It was of course, an April fool’s joke (“blow on cartridge to fix bugs”… now there’s a novel way of fixing tech issues) but the thing is… they’ve actually gone ahead and make sort of an 8-bit version of Google maps.

You can try it out for yourself by going to and where you have on the top-right the familiar “Map” and Satellite” navigation buttons, there’s now a “Quest” button.
Just click on it and see how Google maps transforms itself into something that resembles the old classic adventures of the console’s era.
Everything works like on Google maps (i.e. Streetview etc.) but again, the folks at Google went a little further and even rendered some historical buildings in an 8-bit style.
You can find a list of landmarks here that people have found (so far) that have received this retro-rendering, and to top it of, they’ve even included some monsters hidden in the maps.

I hope they keep this 8-bit maps available after today as well, as it’s a fun way to explore the real world.

That’s actually where I live, the town of Niel (Belgium), in an 8-bit rendered world

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