The Eurovision Song Contest

The weekend after my birthday was traditionally a family event.  Uncles, aunts and grandparents all came to our house for birthday cake, lots of presents for me (of course!) and… the Eurovision Song Contest.
In case you’re wondering what this is, well, it is one of the longest running television shows in the world.  It was on May 24th 1956, that Europe saw the first ever Eurovision Song Contest.
After 54 runnings, Eurosong (as we also tend to call it) has a bit of a “camp” reputation and the criticism that once was heard about Scandinavian countries giving each other the maximum of  points is now echoed when we talk about the scoring between the former Eastern European countries.
Nonetheless, Eurosong has seen its share of celebrities in the likes of ABBA, Celine Dion, Cliff Richard and many more – Belgium even won the contest back in 1986!

At our place, we had the yearly “guess the winner” contest, in which everyone paid say 50 Belgian Francs (a little over a Euro today) and tried to name the winner before the voting started.  The person to get closest to the actual result, got the money.

In order to keep track of all this, me and my trusty C64 (yes, that’s me as a teen sporting my hair metal look – the band Europe was a bit of a sensation back then in the 80s) got at it at keeping track of the scores and votes with a nice little BASIC program I made myself… ah memories… let’s see if I can find that old program and boot it up for Saturday’s show, shall I?

On a sidenote, it would be kinda cool to have a chiptune performance at Eurosong… but the thing is, you need to sing, you can’t just bring an instrumental version… hmmm… hang on, maybe Sweden has the answer (they did give us ABBA after all) in the form of the a capella band Visa Röster who perform live C64 tunes without a single SID chip.  Just look at the clip on the page – 12 points from the Commodore jury go to Sweden – Now we just need to get them to participate…

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  1. Een hele gelukkig verjaardag, Robby!

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