The Great Giana Sisters on Android

Who doesn’t remember “The Great Giana Sisters” on the classic C64? It was one of those classics that many people for many is the quintessential game for the breadbox, and boy, it sure was great. It was even so good that Nintendo took legal action against the distributor Rainbow Arts when it saw the game in action in Germany back in 1987, in order to ban the game as it resembled their Mario platform games too much.

The game disappeared from shop shelves and even the planned sequel “Artha and Martha In Future World” was cancelled

Be as it may, the Great Giana Sisters offered next to the NES-style platform gaming experience a lot of extra’s in the game, such as power-ups like strawberries that gave your character homing bullets and a water drop that would protect you from fire.

On top of that, the level design was top notch with nicely drawn backgrounds, great sprites and lots of different enemies and end-of-level boss creatures.
The game, developed by Armin Gessert and Manfred Trenz was accompanied by a splendid funky soundtrack from Chris Hülsbeck.

The Great Giana Sisters – The old (C64) vs. the new (Android)

And now, almost 25 years later, the game reappears, this time on the Android platform.

The game looks different, the levels are bigger and of course, the graphics are brought to today’s standards. Again, it’s a remake of the original, but if you feel nostalgic and want a quick game of GGS without the need to run a emulator on your handheld device, it’s available now on the Android Market.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and want the original experience, get the game from GB64.

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  1. Wish they did not do it for the cell phones. Armin Gessert did the great original for the C64 while this one does not do the original justice. The fade out effect of the menu’s and the long loading times(on my htc hd2 modded to work with android). get the game from GB64 with an emulator.

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