The “old” vs. the “new”

I recently came about this article on the FT, stating that European Telco’s were gearing up for a fight with the big “G” (that’s Google).
Apparantly, the big Telco’s (such as Telefónica, S.A., France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom) are looking to get some sort of compensation from Google for the use of its bandwidth-consuming application YouTube.  Basically, the discussion is about who pays for bandwidth consumption.  These Telco’s are investing in increasing their bandwidth capacity, and then see it being consumed instantly by customers who access high-bandwidth consuming sites such as YouTube.  But, isn’t this what we are paying these Telco’s for in the first place?  If we feel our connection is getting slow, we upgrade our subscription (I’m enjoying Telenet Fibernet right now, at 100mbit downstream) to compensate for this and get more bits through our dataline.  Apparantly, this isn’t enough for the Telco’s so they go after the player who has the cash: Google.
It will turn out into a batlle between the old world, and old ways of doing business, and the new fresh ways of doing things online… I know in which corner I’ll be… do you?

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