Where did the backup go?

Yesterday I tried to open up the admin-panel of my site to upload this week’s “Friday Commodore” article, but the page… went blank.
Whoops, what’s up here.  Slow connection maybe?  No, other sites load just fine.  Maybe a DNS issue?  No, connecting via one of my computers in Amsterdam gave the same results… all blank.

An email to my hosting provider learned that they were having some issues with their database servers… OK, as soon as I hear this, alarm bells start ringing: sites running a CMS depend, well are based on the underlying database, so if something goes wrong there, it’s bound to be disastrous.  For now, I could do nothing more than cross my fingers and hope all goes well.

Today, 16 hours later, I received notification from my provider that they had fixed the issue, apologized for the inconvenience, but all would be perfect again… well… not quite.
When I opened the site, the most recent article was that of 2 weeks ago, and my Lifestream displayed one of my Twitter posts from June 15th.  Wham, there we had it… apparently the “all OK” from my provider is not the same as what I would consider an “all OK”.

Luckily, I keep a copy of all the articles locally, so I could relatively quickly restore the content (no I didn’t have a local copy of the database… I only make that once a month… last day of the month… like yesterday).
I did lose all the comments and pingbacks though, and if you click on one of the links in my older Twitter posts, they’ll probably lead you to a blank page now (the references got changed as well).

So, in the end, I could restore all the content this evening, and it’s reminder of how easily data can get lost and how important it is to keep back-ups.
Maybe I’ll send my provider a copy of the classic C64 copy/backup tool “Fast Hack ‘em”, so next time they may have a more recent back-up to restore!

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One Response to Where did the backup go?

  1. Robby "The C= guy"

    OK, I have to be fair. I got contacted today by my provider who offered to assist me in getting a more recent backup restored (so they already have Fast Hack’em =) ).
    Since I already restored the posts to the site yesterday it’s not needed, but nice to know (hope it doesn’t happen again) that they do have more recent backups there.

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