My Collection

My Commodore collection started of with my good old trusty Commodore C64c that I got when I was in school and on which I had my first programming experience.
Over time, I’ve collected Commodore computers from far and wide, from Europe and the US, from dusty attics to high profile auctions on eBay.  Some of the machines I could get my hands on for practically free, as people just wanted to make some room in the spare bedroom and the Commodore machine, which had been sitting in a box for the last 20-30 years had to go.  Others, I had to carefully play the eBay game, getting in at the right moment and snatching a great deal.

So, sit back and relax while you browse through my collection here on my site (use the navigation on the top).  I hope the images and the small background infos on these great machines takes you back to times when there was no real “standard” in computing and it all was still very much uncharted territory.

I enjoy my collection everyday as it sits on display in my office and is the subject of several discussions over a good glass of wine of what would have happened if Commodore did not make some fatal decisions and they would still be around… I know, we’d all be listening to our Commodore iPods =)