Commodore 128D

Widely regarded as the best an 8-bit machine could offer, the Commodore 128 got another installment with the Commodore 128D.  It is similar in most ways to the Commodore 128 but it comes in PC-style desktop case and has a built-in 1571 disk drive.
Featuring a built-in handle to carry it around, as well as a mount in which you can dock the keyboard it is also pleasing to the eye as the design is well thought off.


Later on, Commodore released another Commodore 128D (this time worldwide), better known as the Commodore 128DCR, (CR beig “Cost Reduced”).
This version comes in a metal desktop case, whereas the 128D had a plastic case but lacks the handle and keyboard dock.  It had one mainboard for both the 128 and 1571 handling, whereas the European version literally had two mainboards inside: the 128 and 1571.